Fruit Pathology Program at Kearneysville

Dr. Alan R. Biggs

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Extension/Teaching Program (30%)

Research Program (70%)

  • List of scientific journal articles with links to pdf files (1983 - present)
  • Current and recent research projects:
    • Fire blight epidemiology and management:
    • Effects of calcium salts on fungal pathogens of apple and peach:
      • Effects of calcium salts on growth, polygalacturonase activity, and infection of peach fruit by Monilinia fructicola (journal article (pdf file)).
      • Effects of calcium salts on apple bitter rot caused by two Colletotrichum spp. (journal article (pdf file)  10/20/1999).
      • Effect of inoculum concentration and calcium salts on infection of apple fruit by Botryosphaeria dothidea (journal article (pdf file)  (04/20/2004).
      • Select calcium compounds reduce Phytophthora stem rot disease of soybean. (Journal article pdf). (11/08/2008).
      • Field experiments with two calcium compounds that reduce Phytophthora stem rot disease of soybean, and calcium distribution in plants using scanning electron microscope analysis. Plant Disease 94:812-819. (Journal article pdf). (July 2010).
    • Defense mechanisms in woody plants against fungi:
      • Genetic and temporal variation in abscission zone formation in peach leaves in relation to Leucostoma canker (journal article (pdf file)).
      • Increased suberin accumulation in peach X almond hybrids (journal article (pdf file)).
      • Variation in wound healing and resistance to Leucostoma persoonii in peach derived from embryo culture (journal article (pdf file)) 1/5/2006.
    • NE-183 Disease susceptibility of new apple cultivars:




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