Table of Apple Scab Resistant Cultivar Susceptibility to Other Diseases


Table of apple scab resistant cultivar susceptibility to other diseases.
(Source of information and credits provided at the bottom of the page.)

Apple Cultivars Apple scab
susceptibility ratingz
Cedar apple rust
susceptibility ratingz
Quince rust
susceptibility ratingz
Fire blight
susceptibility ratingz
Powdery mildew
susceptibility ratingz
Britegold VR HS HS MR R
Crimson Crisp (Co-op 39) VR HS HS ? HS
Dayton VR R ? ? R
Enterprise VR VR ? ? R
Freedom VR S ? MR R
Gold Rush VR HS ? ? S
Jonafree VR HS S S R
Liberty VR VR S MR S
Macfree VR VR HS MR S
Moira VR R HS S S
Murray VR R HS MR ?
Nova Easygro VR VR ? MR S
Novamac VR VR HS ? ?
Princess (CQR12T50) VR HS HS ? S
Priscilla VR VR HS MR R
Pristine VR S ? ? S
Redfree VR VR R S S
Richelieu VR HS S ? ?
Scarlet O'Hara (Co-op 25) VR HS S ? S
Sir Prize VR HS HS MR R
Sundance (Co-op 29) VR VR R ? HS
Trent VR R HS MR R
Williams Pride VR S ? ? R

zVR = very resistant. No control needed. (Very few cultivars in this category for any disease.)
MR = Moderately resistant. Control only needed with fire blight susceptible rootstocks or under high disease pressure.
R = resistant. Control only needed under high disease pressure.
S = susceptible. Control usually needed where disease is prevalent.
HS = highly susceptible. Control always needed where disease is prevalent. These cultivars should receive first priority when control is called for.

Data compiled by K. S. Yoder and A. R. Biggs from personal observations and the following sources:

van der Zwet, T., and S. V. Beer. 1995. Fire blight - Its nature, prevention, and control. USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin Number 631.

Management Guide for Low-Input Sustainable Apple Production, A publication of the USDA Northeast LISA Apple Production Project and Cornell University, Rodale Research Center, Rutgers University, University of Massachusetts, and University of Vermont. 1990. (Apple disease managment section by D. A. Rosenberger, Cornell University).

A Grower's Guide to Apple Insects and Diseases in the Southeast. 1993. Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University, Circular ANR-838. Ed. J. R. McVay, J. F. Walgenbach, E. J. Sikora, and T. B. Sutton.